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With Thanksgiving behind us, and the Holiday season looming before us, If you are like me, everyday is full of tasks to be done, lists to check off, and 74 other things swimming in the back of your mind that never seem to get done.

These are the times I have to force myself to take a moment and look around. We all have a tendency to become swept up in expectations and forget what this season is all about.

Regardless of our religiousus beliefs (or lack thereof), each of us should just stop for a few minutes each day - take a deep breath and say "thank you" - to either your higher power, or those around you that support and make you feel loved and appreciated.

Now, if you're saying, "Raini, I don't have anyone who makes me feel loved and appreciated". Shame on YOU! At the very least, you should be taking a long look in the mirror. We each have a gift... now go out and use it. Be grateful for all you have, celebrate the moment and share with someone today.

I say "Thank YOU" - thanks for making this a great first year for us... for welcoming us into the community... and helping us succeed!

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