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  • Our Ilex Half-Moon Handbag:
    It's Lightweight, It's Waterproof, It's Soft and Durable, It's Roomy, It's Easy to Care for - 

    and for those of you who are recycling, reducing your carbon footprint, and watching out for man's best friend; 
    It's 100% Vegan because it's made of tree-bark not animal skin.
    It's 100% Eco-Friendly because when you take the bark off our trees, they grow back even stronger!
    It's PETA Approved because they checked us out and said: "We like your style!".

    Technical Stuff:
    - One main compartment with zip closure
    - One additional pocket for keys inside
    - One small pocket with zip closure inside
    - One additional pocket at the back with zip closure

    Measurements (in)/(cm):
    Height 9.84"/ 25cm
    Width 4.33"/ 11cm
    Length 14.57"/ 37cm
    Lining Material: Cork and Soft Fabric (100% Polyester)
    Outside Material: Cork

    Ilex Half-Moon Handbag


    Ships worldwide from Portugal

    Europe: 3-10 days

    North America: 3-15 days

    Australia: 5-20 days

    Remainder of the world: up to 20 days

    Note: shipping days are estimated, customs process may delay delivery


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